Yumi Sugimoto in class room

Yumi Sugimoto in class room

Sayuri Koga show her star

The kind of thing that girl like Sayuri Koga will show you today is her really nice star Do you see it?Just the last couple pics that zoom for you see her beautiful star.Hope you like it,

Aya Komatsu pose like professional

Wow Aya Komatsu in this set look like a professional model indeed she is but I always see her in sexy style or cute style but this is different she look like a super model or some kind of fasion magazine covered quite look smarter.

The story of Kotone & Maho

It's seem to be the long story (40pics!) when Kotone & Maho walk together to school and in the way between her school and house they found abandon house that look mystery they walk into that abandon house and try to picnic here hmmm really cool she cook ,eat and then sleep and it's seem to be hot here(I mean tempurature).;)